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Breaking Makes Olympic Debut at Paris 2024: Meet the Qualified B-Boys and B-Girls

Meet the Qualified B-Boys and B-Girls of Breaking at Paris 2024: For the first time in Olympic history, breaking will take the stage at the Paris 2024 Olympics. A total of 32 spots are up for grabs, with 16 B-boys (men) and 16 B-girls (women) set to compete for Olympic gold. Twelve of these spots have already been secured by talented dancers from around the world, showcasing a variety of styles and personalities.

The debut of breaking at Paris 2024 will be long-awaited, not only because of the novelty it brings, but also because it will take place at the end of the Games. The whole breaking competition will take place between the 9 and 10 of August 2024. Here’s a closer look at those who have earned their place in this historic Olympic debut.

B-BoysVictor MontalvoUSA
Bilal MallakhMorocco
Danis CivilFrance
Jeffrey Dan Arpie DunneAustralia
Philip KimCanada
Shigeyuki NakaraiJapan
B-GirlsSunny ChoiUSA
Fatima El-MamounyMorocco
India SardjoeNetherlands
Dominika BanevičLithuania
Rachael GunnAustralia
Qingyi LiuChina
Meet the Qualified B-Boys and B-Girls of Breaking at Paris 2024

In Paris 2024, breaking makes its Olympic debut with 32 talented competitors. Meet the qualified B-boys and B-girls for breaking at the Paris 2024 Olympics. These athletes from the USA, Morocco, France, Australia, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Lithuania, and China are set to compete for gold in this historic Olympic debut.


  • Victor “Victor” Montalvo (USA): Victor qualified by winning the 2023 WDSF World Breaking Championship. Known for his old-school style infused with complex and unique power move combinations, Victor’s consistency and precision make him a strong contender.
  • Bilal “Billy” Mallakh (MAR): Billy secured his spot by winning the 2023 African Championship. His explosive sequences, known as “blow ups,” are sure to captivate the Olympic audience.
  • Danis “Dany Dann” Civil (FRA): Dany Dann’s qualification came from his win at the 2023 European Games. Incorporating multicultural dance styles into his breaking, Dany is also known for his impeccable musical sense.
  • Jeffrey “J Attack” Dan Arpie Dunne (AUS): At just 16 years old, J Attack is one of the youngest B-boy competitors, having earned his place by winning the 2023 WDSF Oceania Championship. Despite his youth, his energy and technique make him a formidable opponent.
  • Philip “Phil Wizard” Kim (CAN): Phil Wizard qualified by winning the 2023 Pan American Games. His quirky style, combined with a variety of creative and physically challenging signature moves, has earned him a strong following.
  • Shigeyuki “Shigekix” Nakarai (JPN): Shigekix, who made his mark at international breaking battles as a teen, qualified by winning the 2022 Asian Games. His masterful control of power moves and extraordinary stamina make him a top competitor.


  • Sunny “Sunny” Choi (USA): Sunny’s spot was secured by winning the 2023 Pan American Games. Known for her dynamic combinations, intricacy, and precision, Sunny also brings a unique energy to the floor with her signature smile.
  • Fatima “Elmamouny” El-Mamouny (MAR): Elmamouny, winner of the 2023 African Championship, dances with a funky, enthusiastic attitude. Her ability to clearly articulate shapes and musical accents sets her apart.
  • India “India” Sardjoe (NLD): India qualified by winning the 2023 European Games. Her mastery of power moves and confidence in execution have made her a rising star in the breaking community.
  • Dominika “Nicka” Banevič (LTU): At 16 years old, Nicka has already won multiple international titles. Her Olympic qualification came from winning the 2023 World Championships. Her all-around repertoire has few, if any, technical weaknesses.
  • Rachael “Raygun” Gunn (AUS): Raygun earned her Olympic spot by winning the 2023 WDSF Oceania Championship. Known for her solid footwork and battle composure, she can adapt to the context of any battle round.
  • Qingyi “671” Liu (CHN): 671’s aggressive stage persona and high-difficulty combinations have garnered her a reputation as a formidable B-girl. She earned her Olympic spot by winning the 2022 Asian Games.

What’s Next?

These 12 qualified breakers represent a diverse range of styles, experiences, and cultures, promising a spectacular competition at Paris 2024. With 20 spots left to be filled, the journey to the Olympics continues for many talented B-boys and B-girls worldwide. Stay tuned to see who will join these competitors and make history in the Olympic debut of breaking.

How Many athletes will compete in Breaking At Paris 2024?

A total of 32 athletes (16 B-Boys and 16 B-Girls) will compete for the first-ever medals in Olympic breaking.

There will be a maximum of four athletes per NOC (two per gender), while host country France has secured two (one per gender) and the Tripartite Commission will allocate four Universality places (two per gender). To be eligible for a Universality place, athletes must participate in the Olympic Qualifier Series and finish in the top 24 in the final ranking of the OQS.

That leaves 26 quota places available, which will be allocated to athletes by name during the qualification period.

Although breaking is known as a youthful sport, not every break dancer is eligible to compete at the Games. Among other criteria, B-Boys and B-Girls must have been born on or before 31 December 2008.

Olympic Qualifiers Series (OQS)

From March to June 2024 the Olympic Qualifiers Series will take place, with the location yet to be confirmed. B-Boys and B-Girls not yet qualified will have their last opportunity in the OQS, which will offer the final 14 quotas available (seven per gender).

What is the Breaking Format in Paris 2024?

There will be two breaking events at Paris 2024 – the men’s and women’s individual competitions. They will feature 16 B-Boys and 16 B-Girls who will fight to advance to the next rounds (or for the gold medal in the final) in face-to-face solo battles.

The iconic Place de la Concorde will be the venue in which breaking will make its Olympic debut. It will be the epicentre of urban sports during the next Olympics as it will also host the BMX Freestyle, skateboarding and 3×3 basketball competitions.

What is the Breaking Qualification Timeline to Paris 2024?

  • 12-13 May 2023: WDSF African Breaking Championships, Rabat, Morocco
  • 21 June-2 July 2023: Europe Continental Qualifier
  • 22-24 September 2023, Belgium: WDSF World Championships
  • 23 September – 8 October 2023, People’s Republic of China: Asia qualifier, Asian Games
  • 20 Oct-5 Nov 2023, Chile: Americas qualifier, Pan American Games
  • Date and location TBD: Oceania Continental Qualifier
  • March-June 2024, locations TBD: Olympic Qualifier Series
  • Within three days after the event: The WDSF publishes the event results on their website
  • Within five days after the event: The WDSF confirms in writing to the NOCs the quota places obtained
  • Two weeks after the event: The NOCs to confirm to the WDSF the use of the allocated quota places
  • Within five days after the previous step: WDSF to reallocate all unused quota places
  • Date TBC: The Tripartite Commission to confirm in writing the allocation of Universality Places to the NOCs (where applicable)
  • Day TBC in June 2024: WDSF reallocate all unused quota places
  • 8 July 2024: Paris 2024 Sport Entries deadline
  • 26 July – 11 August 2024: **Paris 2024 Olympic Games **
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